You know we love sweets, but there are just some desserts out there that even we can turn down. We've shown you our cake-mess finds in the past, which we found out about through the genius blog CakeWrecks. In fact, that site's founder/writer/scary-cake hunter Jennifer Yates just released an entire book, "Cake Wrecks: When Professional Cakes Go Horribly Wrong," showcasing what happens when baked goods go bad.

Here, a few confectionary catastrophes from the book, plus a few we found on our own. Got a Cake Wreck to share? Send it to us -- we may feature it on Lemondrop!,feedConfig,entry&id=747721&pid=747720&uts=1255617873
Cake Disasters
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Disastrous Cake Messes

    Maybe the newlyweds are big gardeners. (

    What's the bride's name again? (

    When this Moscow restaurant wanted to make a standout dessert, the multiple tiers just wouldn't do. Instead a cake shaped as Russian revolutionary leader Vladimir Ilyich Lenin on his deathbed best suited this occasion.

    Getty Images

    Let's celebrate our wedding anniversary at university? (

    Nothing could ruin their holiday. Not even a cake that clearly reads "Merry Christmis."

    Getty Images

    It's obvious the baker never won the spelling bee. (

    Many brides want to be the center of attention at their weddings, and this one made extra sure she got the spotlight. (

    Maybe this will make the whole idea of getting a c-section more appealing. (

    This brings a whole new meaning to showing off the baby pictures. (

    This is an animal rights protest waiting to happen. (

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