If you ever had a crush on Prince Eric from "The Little Mermaid" when you were little (and who didn't?) you will love this. Some creative genius from Ohnotheydidnt had the idea to sex up the stars of our favorite Disney movies into bona fide beefcakes.

One word: YUM. Let's just say you'll never look at Hercules the same way again. For Gaston in a thong plus more sexy Disney princes, click here.

Our allegiance to Prince Eric is strong, but these illustrations got us wondering, who is the hottest Disney Prince of all time? Keep reading for our arguments.

Pro: He's got the cute little monkey and that flying carpet thing, which would be AWESOME for romantic, moonlit dates, you know ... in the sky.
Con: He's got those unflattering drop-crotch jumpsuit pants. Ew.

Pro: His super-duper-strength means we'd always be protected from creepy dudes the bar.
Con: That EGO. Sure, he's like pretty much the most perfect mythological being ever to exist, but would we always have to hear about it?

Prince Philip:
Pro: He's got the horse, which means he could carry us away us in the perfect fairy-tale ending we've always dreamed of.
Con: We can't really remember who he is or what movie he was in -- "Sleeping Beauty"? "Cinderella"? "Snow White"? -- which makes us think he's kind of bland.

The Beast
Pro: He's beast-turned-man, which means things could get really animalistic in the sack.
Con: That temper may have worked for Belle, but it sure as hell ain't gonna stand with us.

John Smith
Pro: A lot of land.
Con: We'd never have the heart to steal him away from Pocahontas, because can you imagine how cute those mixed kids would be?

Pro: Swinging from trees means amazing upper arm strength.
Con: Would we have to, like, pee in the forest all the time? Where would we take showers?

Peter Pan
Pro: He'd keep us young at heart.
Con: Um, we're pretty sure he's underage. And he wears tights.

Who's your pick for hottest Disney Prince?