One resourceful newlywed couple has figured out a way to score a free, all-inclusive honeymoon. Unfortunately, they'll be "vacationing" in separate jail cells, which is not so romantic.

Brian Dykes and Mindy McGhee were married at Tennessee's Angel's View Wedding Chapel, which they returned to burgle just hours later. Unfortunately for them, when you rob a wedding chapel where you've just been married, the employees tend to recognize you and your car. An employee who happened to swing by to make sure the place had been properly secured for the night saw the couple leaving and recognized them from their very recent wedding photograph. The couple was arrested at a Denny's, where they were celebrating in high style using the cash from the chapel's lock box.

The Dykes-McGhee marriage is still legal, even though they may not have had time to ceremonially smash Moons Over My Hammy in one another's faces.