A man gave a reward he collected by helping police catch a criminal to the victim in the case, even though the reward was equal to half of his annual income.

Lloyd Gardner is a 22-year-old waiter from Devon, U.K., who came to the assistance of investigators and helped them find and convict a man of rape and causing grievous bodily harm. The woman had been attacked so severely that she suffered a fractured skull and brain damage and now has to use a wheelchair.

When Gardner found out he would be given £10,000 for his help, he decided it would be better to give the money to the victim, saying, "With the state that the girl was in after the incident, I really felt that it would go towards making her life a lot better over the next couple of years."

So just like that, he gave nearly $16,000 to the woman, saying it didn't seem right to keep it. Maybe his reward is having a face like an unsmooshed Robert Pattinson.

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