No one on "90210" was cooler than Kelly Taylor. She had tons of money, the hottest boyfriends, killer bangs and a closet full of amazing clothes. Week after week, the Bev Hills gang was treated to her awesome mix of shore-chic and preppy princess -- and we at home couldn't get enough either.

But how can we update Kelly's look for today? We checked in with our fashion expert Brian, and he had a few pointers.

Brian says: Kelly's style was spot-on in 1990 but is definitely going to need a little revamping to work now. This picture shows Kelly at her beachy best and is easy to reinterpret as a downtown, slightly boho look. Ditch the jorts (so not OK) for a pair of acid-wash skinny jeans (yes, they're back), and finish the look with a hip pair of retro kicks.

A loosely-knit crochet sweater like this one from Topshop screams "girl in an Aerosmith video" -- but in a good way. Just don't wear it over a bikini top or bra unless 'ho-for-sho' is the look you're going for.

A better option for underneath: this black tank from Delia's. It will keep you covered and show through the sweater. A colorful graphic tee would work, too.

Acid-wash denim is making a Whitney-style comeback. The trick to making the look 2009 is to choose a skinny pair like these from J Brand.

Finally, these sneaks by Punkrose are the perfect finishing touch. They'll give the look a little extra edge: Kelly was Miss Priss, but you don't have to be.

Brian Underwood is a fashion and beauty writer living in New York City.