Ever since we saw that precious Sweet Millions commercial in which pigs in pajamas cuddle up for a good night's sleep, we've been extra into swine. But now that the teacup-pig craze in England has brought teeny, sweet, micro mini-pigs into our lives, we are officially declaring pigs the new kittens.

But you don't have to spend over $1,000 on a miniature pet pig to appreciate how cute they are. Read on for more evidence that the pig is finally taking its rightful place in the canon of cute.

The Sweet Millions Ad. Especially check out around 0:10 when the pig gets into some almost unbearably cute dream-kicking.

The current New York Magazine features a presh sleeping piggie on the cover. Sure, it's about swine flu, but we'd risk it to snuggle up with this guy.

This video of teacup pigs running around looking all tiny and scrunch-faced. If this one doesn't do it for you, trust us when we tell you that searching "teacup pigs" on YouTube will not disappoint.

If you still aren't convinced that pigs are the cutest of all animals, you have no heart. Luckily, we still have one final piece of evidence with which to convince you. Listen to the babies squeak (starting about halfway through) and tell us your heart isn't melting.

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