One night I tragically couldn't decide between pizza or macaroni and cheese for dinner, so I decided I was going to go to a pizza place, take home a slice, then secretly make macaroni and cheese. Two dinners. Bold, no?

But it turns out there's someone even bolder than me: Russ Brunelli, aka the Pimp of Pizza at Hell's Kitchen Pizza (691 10th Ave. between 47th and 48th Streets, NYC, 10036, 212-765-8565), the goth-appointed restaurant I wandered into. On the menu: macaroni and cheese pizza (apparently a Wisconsin specialty) -- a pile of chewy elbow pasta on a white pie with orangey cheese -- modeled here by Brunelli's partner, Steve Grillo. Two birds, one stone, full stomach.

While delicious, the spot's specialty is actually the Hellfire, a pie with hot Italian sausage, cherry peppers and pepperoni. It sounds regular, but it's got a serious spicy kick that induces sweating so quickly, it's practically exercise. Eating a slice as a chaser is the perfect way to burn off the mac-and-cheese-carb implosion you just consumed.