Loser roommates of the world, rejoice! Especially if you go to Tufts University, where a new rule will forbid students to have sex if their roommates are present.

Haven't these people ever heard of putting a scrunchie on the door handle? It's hard enough to believe that anybody would feel all sexy with an angry co-ed trying to sleep in a twin bed three feet away, but apparently it's enough of a problem that Tufts has had to rewrite its guest policy. The new rules state that "engaging in sexual activity while their roommate is present" will no longer be allowed at the school, although a specific punishment for breaking the rule is not mentioned.

Other universities have made similar perv provisos, including Harvard, where the housing agreement bars roomies from engaging in "serious or persistent unwanted sexual conduct" when the other is around. We really wish our college had enforced this policy when we lived with that girl who used to make out with her Aragorn poster.