Welcome back to the "Outlander" discussion of Lemondrop's Book Club. (Click here if you happened to miss the earlier questions.)

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Now on to the discussion:

* As a contemporary woman, how do you feel about the scene where Jamie beats Claire with his leather belt?

*Claire has to choose between her loyalty and love of her two husbands -- Jamie in the 1700s, and Frank in the 1900s. How do you feel about her choice? What are your other favorite love triangles in literature, film, television, news, etc.?

*After her first encounter with Jamie, Claire describes feeling like she's been beaten with a "blunt object" -- and then sees said blunt object when she returns to the bed. What are some other memorable euphemisms for a the male anatomy from romance novels?

*Compare and contrast witchcraft in "Outlander" with examples in modern-day pop culture, such as Rebecca Romijn's new series "Eastwick."

About the moderator: Beatrice Underwood-Sweet is a voracious reader of anything and everything, including the backs of cereal boxes. Her other hobbies include knitting, writing and ice skating, often while reading. She reviews books at My Kingdom for a Book.