According to a new study, a lot of parents out there are probably feeling pretty toasty in the pants right about now, due to the massive amounts of lies they've been telling their children. And we're not just talking about the old Santa Claus myth (spoiler alert!). Many parents engage in creative stories to get their children to behave, such as telling them the police will come if they don't stop crying.

All this brought up a lot of traumatic memories for us, as we took a trip down the lane of parental lies to remember some of the biggest whoppers our p-units fed us.

Emerald: After my older sister suddenly decided to stop eating peas, my mom still fed them to her, but told her they were "willydaddies." Then she went to kindergarten and everybody made fun of her for calling peas willydaddies.

Laura: My dad said that if we spent our money on video games we would go broke and have to live in our car in the park.

Emily: One summer when I came home from camp, my mother told me that my pet rabbit had learned how to open his cage and hop away. I later overheard my father on the phone saying that she'd forgotten to feed him while I was gone and he'd died. Dick move, Mom.

Susan: "I'm sure he likes you, but he's intimidated by how smart and pretty you are." Not true in sixth grade when my crush asked someone else to the Valentine's Day dance and not true now. (If only we'd had "He's Just Not That Into You" way back when.)

Julie: My parents told me if i swallowed gum I would grow a gum tree in my stomach.

Andrea: My mom told me if I continued to only eat only the green apple jolly ranchers, my tongue would stay that color.

Julieanne: The first holiday season after my parents divorced, I really, really wanted a horse and kept haranguing them for one. On Christmas morning, I came downstairs to find my dad standing by the back window. He told me that Santa had brought me a horse, but that he hadn't tied it tightly enough to the tree, so it ran away. He went on to suggest that it might still be there if I hadn't overslept ... It was a dark time for my dad.

What lies did your parents tell you?