Well, apparently there's a reason it's "Under the Tuscan Sun," and not "Beneath a Bavarian Moon." According to an international poll, German men are the worst in bed in the world.

The worst part is why -- they're too smelly. Although it wasn't made entirely clear if it was a specific part of them that was too smelly (please be the armpits and not the trouser zone), it's apparently foul enough to have them ranked the worst lovers in the world, closely followed by Englishmen, who are too lazy.

American men were ranked fifth for being "too rough." The best in the world (buy your plane tickets now) are Spain, Brazil, Italy and France. (Not to mention they all have free health care.) Sign us up, please.

The survey was carried out by OnePoll.com and took answers from 15,000 "well-traveled" women. It certainly sounds like they've been traveling well, unless they went to Greece, Holland, Sweden, Turkey, Russia, the entirety of the United Kingdom, America or Germany, that is.

The Worst Lovers, By Nationality:

10 .Russia
9. Turkey
8. Scotland
7. Wales
6. Greece
5. The United States
4. Holland
3. Sweden
2. England
1. Germany

The Best Lovers, by Nationality:

10. Canada
9. Denmark
8. New Zealand
7. Australia
6. South Africa
5. Ireland
4. France
3. Italy
2. Brazil
1. Spain

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