You already know we have an Etsy Alchemy obsession. So when our boss gave us new company T-shirts to wear with pride -- in sizes XL and XXL -- we knew just what to do. Outsource, obviously.

We put a listing on Etsy to turn these tees into something we might actually wear. The creative minds came out in full force -- and now we're sharing the results of Lemondrop's very own Project Run(ning Man)way.

Take a look, marvel in awe and send us your own customized T-shirts. We'll feature the most creative in an upcoming post, and send the best a Lemondrop T-shirt.

Dress by kristimichelle
We've never gotten quality like this for 10 bucks. Lined cups, a ruched back and a fitted bodice make this an equally adorable knee-length frock on Julie (shown) or a borderline-inappropriate dress on me (censored).

Kristimichelle just won herself a lifetime's worth of re-purposing all our old concert, souvenir and ex-boyfriend's shirts.

Cost: $10 plus $5 shipping

Slice-n-dice by fishchicky
This fun little knife-job took out a ton of the volume of the original shirt with zero thread required, perfect for those of us who like the idea of DIY but can never figure out how to use a sewing machine. The fringe-tie details at the sides are fantastic -- check out the close-up of Erin.

The shirt arrived with free incense (true story) and the collar intact, which was a little too modest for our purposes. So we sliced out an asymmetrical V-neck that kept with the fringe. It's the Running Man gone rock and roll.

Cost: $10 plus $5 shipping

Halter top by itsMyDesign87
Beloved by the guys in the office as much as the girls (even when Bonnie's not in it), this cute halter is about a billion times more flattering than the original tent-size top.

We can't get enough of the detail on the back (at right) -- the picture doesn't do it justice but this uses the sleeve of the shirt to create an interesting diamond cutout.

Cost: $10 plus $2.30 shipping

High-collar shell by shoshanna2003
This is a controversial design within the cube but still one of my favorites. On arrival, the collar was flat (shown at right) causing some people to laugh about me looking like a clown and others to compare it to a children's sunflower outfit.

I took the lil' guy home for the weekend, put in a couple of stitches to cinch up the collar so it would stand up like a proper Elizabethan piece, and voila. As usual, I had the last laugh, and Emily looks great in the shirt.

The shirt also came with matching yellow feather earrings. Bonus!

Cost: $30 plus $8 shipping

Laura Gilbert is managing editor of Lemondrop and a veteran of the Happy Hustlers 4-H Club, Finney County, Kansas.