While scouting around for details on the upcoming Diablo Cody-directed "Sweet Valley High" movie, we stumbled across some surprising information about the tragic beauty from the beloved book series, Regina Morrow: She's on Twitter! And not just that, but the whole gang from Sweet Valley, Calif., is there, tweeting back and forth.

There's a lot of @diablocody going on, so maybe this is some kind of viral marketing for the movie? Who cares, we're hitting follow! Some sample tweets from the Sweet Valley teens below.

Regina Morrow: "@diablo cody I trust you to tell my story. I didn't OD & die. I entered witness protection after witnessing one of Liz's kidnappings."

Elizabeth Wakefield: "
Candy striping is so rewarding! I get to help people who need it. I feel like a new, better person."

Todd Wilkins:
"@Liz_Wakefield feel like strolling along the beach after school today? I won't even pressure you to hold my hand!"

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Cara Walker: "I think the rocking-chair fundraiser will be lots of fun!! I'm gonna buy a new outfit for it to go with my slim figure & glossy brown hair."

Winton Egbert: "it's come to my attention that people are pronouncing my name wrong. it's egg-berrr not egg-burt."

Jessica Wakefield:
"Totally matching my twitter design to my sea-green eyes. Hot"!

Enid Rollins:
"hope no one noticed my absense. have been on bender.... with carbs of course. i learnt my lesson after i ran that kid over 2years ago ......"

Bruce Patman: "
@diablocody: But lightly touching breasts is an integral part of the 1BRUCE1 experience!"

Lila Fowler:
"Who is this Taylor Swift that everyone is speaking of? Does she know Jamie Peters? or The Droids?"