In a medical marvel, a woman in Arkansas who was already weeks pregnant with one baby was impregnated again. That's right, two fetuses, one lady... and they're not twins. Finally, a real-life story that lends some authenticity to "Days of Our Lives"!

Julia Grovenburg, left, knew she was pregnant when she went in for a checkup, but the doctors were shocked by what they found. Another heartbeat that was developmentally younger than the one the doctors were expecting to find was there, pumping away. It seems that two weeks after Julia got pregnant, she got pregnant again. She and her husband are now expecting two children, but they aren't twins. It's called superfetation, and it's incredibly rare. Fortunately, the difference in the two fetuses' ages is so small that there shouldn't be any developmental problems if the first one is carried to term.

In addition to two babies instead of one, the Grovenburgs should also expect a good five years or so of puzzled looks, "Irish twin" jokes and at least 14 years of resolving "But I'm the oldest" arguments.