On Monday a woman in Indonesia broke her country's record for fattest baby, popping out a whopper of a kid who weighed a little over 19 lbs. Sounds like double congratulations are in order ... and some painkillers.

The woman, who had previously had three children with a traditional midwife in attendance, was escorted to the hospital when complications arose in her pregnancy, which was nine months along.

The doctors performed a Caesarian section and pulled out the 19.2-lb. baby boy. Doctors are saying the baby is healthy, although his crying is unusually loud, and his apparent love for food has traveled with him out of the womb. Binsar Sitanggang, one of the attending gynecologists, described it as "almost non-stop feeding."

The baby is probably the size it is because his mother is diabetic, a condition which could have raised her glucose levels and thereby the baby's, giving him more sugar than he needed and making him grow like a superhero fetus.

Although the largest surviving baby in the world weighed 3 lbs. more than this fellow, topping the scales at 22.44 pounds, let's not kid ourselves: This baby is huuuuuge. How huge? Here are some other things that weigh approximately the same as Indonesia's Jumbo Baby.

One of those ungodly gigantic sacks of potatoes that are so big you wonder who buys them.

A car tire. That's right. An actual car tire.

If you had four 5-lb. bags of sugar, and your neighbor borrowed about 2 cups, the remainder would equal Gigantor Child.

Lemondrop editor Laura Gilbert's tubby cat (at right).

And this fish.

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