"America's Next Top Model" is taking a risky (and revolutionary) step this cycle with petite models all under 5'7". As Tyra tries in vain to make SMIZE happen (it's not going to happen), we asked some of the most devoted "ANTM" bloggers who they think will take home the top short model prize.

ANTM, Rae, America's next top modelBlogger: Rich Juzwiak of Four Four
Prediction: I think Rae will win because she's pretty, a blonde hasn't won in a few cycles, and because she shared her very personal gas-station abduction/rape story to "serve some sort of purpose." She gets how this thing works.

ANTM, Sundai, America's next top modelBlogger: Pat Sandora -- ABlogAboutThings.com
Prediction: This cycle of "ANTM" is a tough one to call so early in the game. My original pick to win was Courtney, but she got the boot (pun intended) already. There's a lot of potential for a "first" winner this cycle, besides first petite winner. Could be Lulu (first gay winner), Jennifer (first Asian winner), or Rae (first mommy winner). Other contenders could be a dark horse like Kara or Erin who haven't gotten that much airtime yet.

I have a feeling, though, that Sundai could take it. She's got a touching back story and is the shortest girl in the competition, which would really prove Tyra's point that shorties got it going on, too.

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Blogger: Isobella Jade -- PetiteModelingTips.blogspot.com
Prediction: Off the first glance, at 5-foot-5, I think Jennifer has a real shot at winning Tyra's "Top Model" crown. She has a beautiful Asian look and an approachable, upbeat personality to make her salable and marketable for many brands and products. I think she could be a spokesmodel as well.
ANTM, Sundai, America's next top modelOf course, I am cheering for the runt of the group, Sundai, yet I doubt Tyra will let the shortest of the bunch win, at 5-foot-3. (I get the vibe Tyra wants the winner to be a little bit taller, hence Jennifer.) However, I think our little Thumbelina will show us she can keep up once she gets to know her body and facial features more and how to pose them.

I don't think the show will change the fashion world, and I don't think fashion agencies will be welcoming the short chicks. Before Tyra allowed the pint-size girls on her show, shorter models were modeling with print agencies, and there will continue to be shorter girls modeling with print agencies after the show.

ANTM, Nicole, America's next top modelBlogger: Jen -- Disgrasian.com
I think Nicole, the laconic redheaded weirdo, has a good chance to win. She looks like she just stepped out of a John Currin painting -- pretty, but in a cool, off-kilter way. And she's weird. Sort of "anti-fierce." I always root for the quiet, weird, anti-fierce girls because the loud, fight-picking, fierce chicks have gotten so predictable.

Blogger: RD Smith -- HeartsForDinner.wordpress.com
Prediction: I think Jennifer might win cycle 13. But I find all the contestants meh. None of them excite me like cycle 10 did.

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Do you agree with these bloggers? Or do you think another model shorty will take Tyra's crown? Tell us in the comments.