It's time to kick off the Romance Reading Section of Lemondrop's Book Club. Our first selection is Diana Gabaldon's classic "Outlander." We know she's a historical writer, not a romance novelist, but her swoon-worthy stories have nonetheless earned her a spot in our love-book hall of fame.

Whether or not you've read the book, you can chime in on our questions each day. (For the uninitiated, the story follows Claire, a married nurse in the 1940s who's transported back in time where she falls for a redheaded warrior type and ultimately has to choose between two loves -- and two eras.)

Click here for the first series of questions, then leave a comment with your thoughts. Everyone who comments in the book club between now and October 1 is eligible to win a copy of "An Echo in the Bone," the latest book in the "Outlander" series. And sign up for our Book Club mailing list for more exclusive offers.

Our questions for "Outlander" --

* If you were stuck in another era, would you prefer 1700s Scotland like Claire, or is there another culture you think would be more interesting to live in?

* Claire's knowledge of medicine and herbal remedies helped her survive in 1700s Scotland. What skills do you have that would help you survive if you were marooned in that century?

* What would you miss most about the present day if you woke up in the distant past?

* Who's your favorite kilted dude -- past or present, real or fictional? Extra credit: Write a poem of 10 lines or less about men who wear kilts.

Check back every day -- we've got an exclusive interview with Diana Gabaldon and more discussion questions coming up.

About the moderator: Beatrice Underwood-Sweet is a voracious reader of anything and everything, including the backs of cereal boxes. Her other hobbies include knitting, writing and ice skating, often while reading. She reviews books at My Kingdom for a Book.