Before the Internet made him a star, Tucker Max was just a funny, douchey law school grad who shared hilariously filthy stories about his sexual sociopathy on his blog. Now, with a bestselling book, "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell," and the movie version hitting theaters, one wonders if he'll approach being a professional skeeze with the same kind of boyish joy he once brought to being pooped on during sex by his drunk date while his friend secretly filmed her from the closet.

We recently sat down with Tucker and his producing partner, Nils Parker. Like the women Tucker sleeps with, they were drunk and surprisingly compliant. T. Max told us about his deep-seated issues with parental neglect, gave us sex advice (convincing) and pretended like he's never seen an episode of "The Gilmore Girls" (unconvincing). He also denied ever getting into a catfight with media site Gawker. Click to watch!