Because our job entails writing these posts, we're usually pretty good at avoiding these 8 Spelling Mistakes Even Smart People Make. (Well, that, and we have great editors!) But, even if we escape the whole your/you're debacle, we still trip up on a few select words. For instance ...

1. Debacle. We totally had to Google the word we just used in the intro. Speaking of which, that's totally ...

2. Embarrassing. Gosh darn it, the double "r" and double "s" get us every time. If we had it our way, it'd be one or the other. Period.

3. Baccalaureate. We think we had one of these in high school, but we couldn't spell it then and we sure as hell can't spell it now.

4. Separate. We finally started spelling it right after our history professor docked points when the majority of class wrote about the "seperation of church and state." Whoooops.

5. Diarrhea. This word is gross and hard to spell, which is why we avoid using it in written or verbal communication at all costs.

6. Elementary. You know, the place that's supposed to teach us this spelling business. Elementry? Elementery? Boo.

7. Misspell. What spelling demons thought this was a funny practical joke?

8. Recommend. Two C's? Two M's? Problem with this one -- they both look right!

What words you do most misspell all the time?

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