It's extremely creepy that the Germans are now creating android-like sex dolls who breathe and have a pulse, and we agree with the other lady sites who have weighed in on the grossness of the assumption that men want a woman with all the biological processes except, you know, thinking.

But in all the debate, everyone has neglected to mention that there is a male version of the Real Android sex doll. And he is extremely ugly. His name is Nax, and the First Android site describes him as "a giant of a man with athletic appeal."

On the one hand, we don't want to hook up with a male sex doll. On the other hand, maybe we would if he didn't look like this. Balding with a flowing ponytail and the blank grimace of a stoned caveman? You don't even want to see his thick, NSFW thatch of out-of-control pubic hair.

As with the female dolls, the level of detail is creepy, from "automatically soaring penis" and "artificial automatic ejaculation." The worst part? It costs more than 10,000 dollars for the "pleasure" of Nax's company. No thanks, we'd rather spend that money on anything else we can think of ever.

Who would be a better model for a plastic companion?