Yet another bit of statistical data to rub in your boyfriend's face -- men are big, stinking liars.

According to new research, men fib twice as often as women, about six times per day on average. Add that up over the course of a lifetime and that's 126,672 times a guy will twist the truth.

According to the study, guys often lie about "drinking" (hmmmmmm!) and the amount of sex they've had. But the most frequent lie for men was the same as for women: the old "Nothing's wrong, I'm fine" bit we use to hide our real feelings or passive-aggressively torture our loved ones.

The study was one of those awesome funded-by-a-PR-company-for-publicity numbers (AUGH! We've played right into their hands.) conducted in conjunction with the Fox crime show, "Lie to Me." Which is funny, because we're pretty sure the number one lie we told today was "Oh, I've toooooootally heard of 'Lie to Me.'"