"Whip It" co-stars Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page cozied up to each other for the cover of the October 2009 issue Marie Claire. But the image that's getting far more attention is a photo of Barrymore (the film's director) and Page locking lips that appears inside.

While the accompanying Q&A opens with the fact that during the interview the two "can't keep their hands off of each other," neither that -- nor their kiss -- is acknowledged by either actress, at least not in the online version of the magazine.

But over the weekend Barrymore addressed the kiss in the Toronto Star: "Ellen and I are as just silly, fun girls that love each other and people can make out of it what they will. There's nothing there but fun girlie friendship and affection."

Do we buy this explanation?

Some will surely use the photo to fuel rumors that Page is a lesbian, and a little girl-on-girl is nothing new for Barrymore. Two years ago magazine editor Jane Pratt claimed to have had a lesbian affair with Barrymore (which the actress never denied), though both Pratt and Barrymore identify as straight (or at least publicly date men).

Whatever their sexual orientations, the actresses are -- at the very least -- besties who happen to find each other extremely attractive. When speaking to Marie Claire about body image, Barrymore said that Page had "such a beautiful body," and that when walking around "in her frickin' bra with an open jacket and hot-pink shorts ... she was sexy as a mother ... " But who among us hasn't said something similar about a girlfriend -- er, female friend?

What do you think: Was the kiss a publicity stunt, a big "eff you" to the busy bodies who care too much about celebrities' sexuality, or like Barrymore said, merely a display of girlie friendship and affection?

Better yet, maybe it's just a ploy to sell magazines. Of all the photos taken for the story, it was the one featuring the kiss that was used to accompany the online version of the article.

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