Things are tough all over. With our economy in the state it's in, the job market is pretty competitive. But there are some ways to make money that don't require you to send in a résumé. OK, so they're a little weird, but desperate times call for unusual measures, like these 10 ways to pick up extra cash without having to "embellish" your employment history.

Diamond Hunting
-- We heard from the side of a U-Haul truck that Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas lets you keep any diamonds you find while camping there. We also heard that it's relatively easy to find diamonds in parking lots in the summertime, due to the drastic difference in temperature between the inside of somebody's car and a broiling-hot mall parking lot. You know, for those of you who don't have time to go camping in Arkansas.

Selling Your Hair -- You can make pretty big bucks selling your hair, depending on how long it is. Just make sure that your boyfriend isn't selling his watch to buy you an expensive comb before you use your hair money to buy him a chain for his pocket watch (unless you need that kind of O. Henry irony in your life).

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Clinical Trials -- You know why being a human guinea pig is better than being an actual guinea pig? Human guinea pigs get paid to be tested on. Some people make a career out of ingesting medicines for the advancement of science, but it's also not a bad way to make a little money on the side. We know a guy who says he knows a guy who made $3,000 to let a doctor cut off his toe and reattach it. Whether or not that's true, it does make for good cocktail party banter.

Etsy -- You probably have some sort of secret talent squirrelled away, right? Maybe your grandmother taught you how to crochet little flowers, or you have a secret stash of robot paintings in your closet. Sit on that talent no more! Sell your wares on and make some extra loot. Plus, when people ask what you do for a living you can say, "I'm an artist," instead of "I'm a receptionist at a company that sells ball bearings."

Doing Teenager Work -- What are teenagers doing these days? Having sex in the backs of cars and playing with their Gameboys, probably. Well, doesn't that leave a lot of sidewalks unshoveled, leaves unraked, lawns unmowed, babies unwatched, and gutters uncleaned? Reap the benefits of the next generation's addiction to Facebook by going out and stealing that cash they should be making.

Selling Your Photographs to a Stock Photography Company -- Become a member at (it's free), and you can buy and sell stock photos there. As in all that useless garbage taking up space on your memory card might actually be worth something. It's worth checking out, especially if you're the type of person who likes to pass the time by making people dressed in business attire pose for the camera while smiling and shaking hands.

Auctioning Your Panties On eBay -- Is vaguely unnerving? Yes. Would you tell your parents? Definitely not. Does it pay? Absolutely.

Donating Eggs -- Donating your eggs can pay serious bank, upwards of $5,000 sometimes. That's way better than what dudes make for spermies. Unfortunately, while they get to *ahem* pleasure themselves, we have to administer quite a few shots to ourselves, go through a barrage of psychological exams, and go under general anesthesia to be operated on. So you definitely earn what you make.

Granting Somebody Citizenship -- Remember that movie "Green Card"? Yeah, it's sort of like that. Maybe it's not exactly legal, and we don't advocate breaking the law. We're just saying, maybe you could make some money and accidentally fall in love with Gerard Depardieu.

Ostrich Babysitting -- Apparently there is a job out there for people who want to sit in a field all day and read a book, and it is ostrich babysitting. The only catch is that you have to keep the ostriches from killing each other and try not to get any broken legs.

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