A study done in the U.K. last year determined that romantic comedy fans have unrealistic expectations when it comes to love and relationships. Can that really be true? Dozens of new romantic comedies have come out since, and we still lap them up -- would they be so popular if there wasn't a glimmer of truth to them?

Here are just a few of the super-true things we've learned about the Y chromosome thanks to our favorite genre!

1. Men are terrified of gays. So afraid. Badass Benjamin Bratt in "Miss Congeniality," for example, is one of the toughest agents in the FBI, but you know what scares him? The ever-so-slightly-mincing Michael Caine, brought in to transform Sandra Bullock into a beauty queen.

2. Don't play "hard to get" -- play "impossible to get." Saying things like "Oh, I'd never date you in a million zillion years" is a surefire way to win his heart. Because there's nothing men like more than knowing you're not interested in sleeping with them. The less interested you act, the more excited he gets, because then he gets to change your mind about him.

See, for reference, the Will Smith rom-com "Hitch," which features an ice-cold Eva Mendes resisting Smith's charms with every ounce of her being ... for at least 20 minutes.

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3. You're always a stupid bet. Of course, the only reason most guys are interested in pursuing a girl is because of a bet or a scheme, not because he finds her attractive and wants to hear her thoughts on world issues and the new season of "Lost." Freddie Prinze Jr. didn't want anything to do with Rachel Leigh Cook in "She's All That" until public nudity was on the line. For Matthew McConaughey in "How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days," a potential job depends on his ability to make Kate Hudson fall in love with him. And in "10 Things I Hate About You," Heath Ledger was got paid to woo Julia Stiles. So when he starts making a move, be nice -- but assume he's got an ulterior motive.

4. Men love funky, girl-affirming pop music. Guys certainly don't seem to mind sugary pop music, if rom-com soundtracks are anything to go by. Either that, or these songs exist on a frequency they can't hear: In "Bridget Jones' Diary," Hugh Grant doesn't even notice that every time Renee Zellweger says something sassy, Aretha Franklin's "R.E.S.P.E.C.T." plays. So if you need some mood music to psyche yourself up for a big moment, don't be afraid to blast it!

5. Screw lingerie. Guys LOVE a girl in a ball gown, the fluffier and lacier the better -- especially if she's been slumming it in jeans for the entirety of their previous acquaintance. Because that's the only way a guy can figure out that she's a lady worthy of his devotion. Rom-com queen Katherine Heigl knows this well -- though she needed "27 Dresses" to lure in James Marsden.

6. A man in love goes big or goes home. And once it's time for a man to prove his love, a girl can't be expected to settle for a quiet "I love you" or a small but meaningful gesture. No, the more embarrassing and public the spectacle he can make of himself, the better.

7. And, finally, if a man is an asshole, it's not that he's a sociopath or emotionally screwed up. It's that he has some sort of tragic back story which has crippled his ability to find new love. And all he needs to change is the love of a good woman. And that woman? She could be you. Well, actually, she's probably Katherine Heigl. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try anyway.

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