August was a doozy of a month. Between 14-hour workdays and a flash-flood-car disaster, I didn't have time to work out, much less have sex (or even squeeze in a quick session with my vibrator).

A month without orgasms!? A travesty!

Clearly, things had to shape up, so I was thrilled when I saw the Sexerciseball (link is so not safe for work) online. It's similar to your usual exercise ball, except that you can attach some naughty appendages and bounce away.

Issues With Balls
I hate the one at my gym -- while my classmates bounce happily away, I struggle. My troubles with body placement causes me to repeatedly pull my groin. Why would I ever think that solo sex on an exercise ball was a good idea?

Because as far as sex toys go, it just looked cool.

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The Sexerciseball is decorated with graphics of suggested positions circling a hard plastic cap. Keep the cap on and it remains an exercise ball. Unscrew the cap and screw in one of several available vibrating attachments, and it's all about sex.

I ordered mine with the Rabbit Vibrator and the Precious Realistic Vibrating Cock attachments, which also came with remote controls and water-based lubricant.

I couldn't wait to try it. I immediately inflated the ball using the accompanying foot pump, and removed the plastic, well, package from its packaging.

Intimidating Accessories
OK, so the penis scared me. At 6 inches by 1.5 inches, it seemed massive. Squatting over the ball, my legs trembling, I was afraid to let the Sexerciseball -- and its attachment -- bear my entire weight. Even using a Trojan Ecstasy condom -- which already had enough lubricant on it to make any additional lube a moot point -- I could do nothing more than hover. (Counting down ... daring myself ... nothing worked.)

I finally gave up and moved on to the Rabbit Vibrator. I had owned a regular rabbit in the past, once upon a time, and remembered loving the way its small rabbit ears tickled my clit. And so I screwed this new one on, sheathed it in a condom, and slowly lowered myself down. Success!

More Complicated Than Carnal?
And it would have continued to be a success had my already-existing exercise-ball neuroses not interfered.

Say what you will, but I loves me the missionary position, and I especially loves me the missionary position when it's fast and deep. The Sexerciseball provides me with fast. (I, after all, control the speed of my bouncing) and it provides me with deep, but it doesn't provide the foreplay. And when you're vibrator's attached to a giant bouncy ball, it's tough to take out the time to tease your clit.)

Rolling With It
What bothered me more than that, however, was the persistent fear that I was going to lose my balance: perhaps take off rolling across the living room floor with the vibrator still inside me, knocking things over as I went by, eventually injuring both myself and my vibe.

For those a lot less klutzy than me, the Sexerciseball is a unique alternative to your usual hand-held vibrator. Like lingerie, its power may be in the visual more than the practical aspect, so couples who like to watch one another get off may dig it. As for me, I'll just stick to the Pocket Rocket.

Steph Auteri is a writer specializing in sex, relationships and other sources of angst related to the back-and-forth between men and women.