So everyone on the internoodle is so excited that Al Franken drew a map of the U.S. from memory. "Big deal," we thought, and challenged our writers and editors to do the same.

Click to see how our maps turned out ... or click here to bid on our original artwork!

Julieanne: Close.

Oklahoma is more than OK -- it's on the map twice.

Emily: Appears to have gotten distracted after penciling in her home state.

Timm: Wow -- real talk from our StreetLevel friend.

Jordan: "Eff Mississippi," he says in retrospect.

Laura: More like No-hio! Amirite, ladies?

CJ: Our saucy blogger gets political -- and in color!

Lindsey: Our contributor from Urlesque's anthropomorphic take on the media's view of America:

Erin: Pretty good, but she did get two do-overs.

Meg Malone: Our new awesome friend writes, "This was a lot harder than I thought! I could only remember 45 states." That's 43 more than some of us, Meghan.

Lydia Weary: A reader from Columbus, Ohio, sent in this fancy-pants version, explaining, "Here's a map I drew from memory for a sign that I took to a concert a few years back. The song 'Monday Comes Around' is a b-side from Switchfoot's album 'The Beautiful Letdown.'" Color us impressed!

Julieanne's friend contributed a digital guide to the nation's goods and services.

A reader apologetically sent this in with the note, "Wanted to blame this on someone under 21... but truthfully, this is the product of US High School Education! (And 2 years of college too!!)" Showoff!

Reader Meg sent u s this hilarious map! We want to live where cheese lives.

How would you do? Send us your memory-drawn map and we'll add it to our fine collection.