Yes, we all want to live in a magical fantasy world where kebabs are oral contraceptives, but it just isn't happening. Unfortunately, nobody mentioned that to the women in the U.K., among whom high numbers still believe all sorts of kitchen items are great for pregnancy prevention.

One in five women surveyed thought that cling wrap, chicken skin and even bread were great alternative barrier methods. (Hopefully that bread isn't being used a la pigs in a blanket.) Coca-Cola, potato chips and kebabs were also thought to be a effective substitutes for the pill. This might suggest why the U.K. has the highest rate of unplanned pregnancy in Europe. On the bright side, though, it sounds like none of these people are hungry.

With so much misinformation floating around, this study stresses the importance of birth control education and also, by extension, the importance of keeping British people away from your cupboards late at night.