In the horrendous new romantic comedy "All About Steve," starring Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper, Sandra plays Mary Horowitz, an unusual woman obsessed with a guy named Steve. So obsessed that she travels cross-country to see him, venturing into the dreaded category of Stalker with a capital S.

Which got us thinking. Sure, Mary's a little loopy in her quest to win Steve over, but not any more than our favorite movie male leads -- only their over-the-top gestures to win the girl are considered charming, not crazy. What gives? In no particular order, here are some moments that never meant to scream stalker, but totally do anyway. And we've rated them based on the ultimate stalker boy/friend, Duckie, from "Pretty in Pink."

Lloyd (John Cusack), "Say Anything" Oh, Lloyd and the famous boom-box-over-his-head scene (blasting the song he banged his ex to, nonetheless). Young John Cusack, you set the bar for all future stalker behavior.

Noah (Ryan Gosling), "The Notebook" It pains us a little to include this one in the list since we love, love, love wet and shirtless Noah Calhoun. But the whole writing Ali letters every day for a year ... wtf? Why do you have so much time? Writing 50 letters is teetering on a little nutty, but 365 is totally psycho.

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Ben (Matthew McConaughey), "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" What's funny is that in the beginning of the movie, Andie purposely acts like a nutjob. But in the end, it's Ben who nearly kills himself while motorcycling through traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge to catch up with her. We know it needed a dramatic ending, but that's ca-razy.

Rob (John Cusack), "High Fidelity" What's with John Cusack and playing the crazies? Rule number one of ex-boyfriend etiquette: If your girl's bangin' another dude, stop calling. And for God's sake, stop calling while you're standing outside of the other guy's house.

Mark (Andrew Lincoln), "Love Actually" Mark's a minor character, but you know who he is. He's the one who creepily zooms his video camera in on his best friend's girl. At their wedding. Oh, and then shows up at her house and stands mute, only to express his love via cue cards. Normal.

Graham (Jude Law), "The Holiday" Oh, Judey, we're obsessed with your sensitive single-dad character in this movie, but saying "I love you" after knowing someone ... oh, three days? And right after you had sex? It's not enough to warrant stalker status, but it's a liiiiittle creepy, my friend.

Edward (Robert Pattinson), "Twilight" People seem to be obsessed with this dude, but does anyone else notice he's always around? Like he's always popping his perfect little vampire face up just in the nick of the time? This probably has to do with the fact he's not human, but get a hobby, Edward. (And watching Bella doesn't count.)

Cameron (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), "10 Things I Hate About You" Any guy who learns an entire language so he can tutor his love thang crosses the line from romantic to ridiculous.

Matthew (Josh Hartnett), "Wicker Park" When he think he's seen his former flame in a cafe, he goes apesh*t trying to track her down, completely putting his life on hold. There's a more complex plot going on here, but the point is: Your obsession creeps everyone out.

Jonathan (John Cusack), "Serendipity" John Cusack's at it again. Only in this movie he spends his time chasing "fate." Or in reality, a five-dollar bill and obscure used book his woman insisted will bring them back together. No sane man would participate in this absurd wild goose chase except for, well, this guy.

Massimo (Justin Chambers), "The Wedding Planner" We love Massimo's character too much to hate on his stalker tendencies (proposing to Mary way too soon, bringing up awkward childhood memories). And let's face it, he's the only realistic story in the bunch: He doesn't get the girl.