Autumn is upon us -- and so is poverty. So we're being very choosy this year about how we're updating our autumn wardrobes. Our favorite style bloggers get what we mean, and they've helpfully given us a list of their cold weather must-have items -- the one or two pieces that they won't be going without.

What are you coveting this fall? Tell us in the comments.

Kim of What Claudia Wore blog: "With me, it's shoes -- always shoes -- and the taller the better. I was going to wax poetic about a pair of open-toed Frye booties that stole my heart.

"But then -- speaking of impractical cut-outs, right? -- I happened upon this blazer. No good would come of me owning it. Inevitably, it'd lead to a lot of outfits featuring tank tops. In October. In New England.

Whatever -- I must have it. I love unexpected details, those pieces that make people cock their head slightly and say, 'Huh.' I love those moments when it all comes together and you get that Holy Grail of personal style compliments: 'Only you could wear that.'

"I don't bother to tell them that Claudia Kishi could pull it off like gangbusters."

Sara of Farpitzs blog: "I would definitely say that my fall must-have is a large collection of vintage little boy's flannel button-downs. i have about six and am always looking to expand; they fit me really well and are always priced at under $5 at neighborhood thrift shops.

"I also prefer them to what's in stores now because they have already been worn and are super-nubby. If you aren't able to go consignment, try checking out the goods on Etsy."

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Ev`Yan of Apricot Tea blog: "I am looking forward to getting a military-inspired jacket; preferably in black, with intricate stitching near the buttons.

"I saw one at Target a few days ago, & while I don't have a picture of it -- and I can't find anything online that resembles it -- I am very, very excited to get it. It's only $29.99 & it's EXACTLY what I'm looking for."

Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere: "For fall, I'm all about lace-up shoes, and Topshop's selection of Brogues is amazing. (These are my favorites.) They're wonderfully quirky and with some thick tights, they transform into preppy alternative to boots or ballet flats."

Louise of Besos y Fotos blog: "My most coveted item: the Chlöe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony buckle boots: I'm dying for these! They are like the fall/winter version of my Acne lace-up platforms I've been wearing all summer. I generally believe in investing in one really fantastic shoe per season and this is it.

"I guess I just really like the mix of the tough, western vibe the buckles give with the girly but wearable platform and open toes. I can see these being a go-to shoe for every outfit from late summer -- with a short skirt or cut-offs -- to fall, with maxi skirts and skinny jeans and probably then with minis and tights. I'm getting jazzed just thinking of all the options."