I like to pretend that my mother isn't a person unto herself with emotions and likes and dislikes and stuff, but rather somebody who is in my life to breeze into town, buy me one too many gimlets and listen to me overshare about my sex life. But like it or not, mothers are human beings and not gin-dispensing robots. And unlike robots (and snakes), they have thoughts, feelings and crushes on movie stars.

We asked some of our bloggerly friends to ignore their crawling skin and tell us which celebrity studs their moms think about while they iron our stuff. Some of them are duhs (cocoa mom-candy Denzel Washington got multiple mentions) and some of them are, uh, less obvious (Gandalf). Below, check out the list of MOMLFs. (That's "Men Our Moms'd Like to ... Friendship.")

"Nate Berkus from HGTV (and he's on "Oprah" all the time). My mom has a photo hung up of him in the laundry room."
- Lisa Freedman, Time Out New York
"My mom is all about Sting."
- Tony Layser, Asylum.
"I usually like tall, dark and handsome, like Pierce Brosnan, but there was something kind of rough about Bradley Cooper that made me fall for him in 'The Hangover.'"
- Mom of Lindsey Unterberger, Glamour.
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"My mom LOVES Vin Diesel ... pretty much the physical opposite of her 'type' in real life."
- Diana Vilibert, Marie Claire
"That guy from 'The Mentalist' ... Simon Something-or-other [ed. note: Baker]. My mom LOVES him!"
- Mara Betsch, Health.com
"My mom used to love Magnum P.I. Any guy with a mustache really."
- Julie Gerstein, Lemondrop
"Tom Skerritt (as demonstrated in the viral video sensation, 'Shoes.'"
- Stephen Lenz, Urlesque
"My mom has/had a crush on Dennis Rodman."
- Annika Harris, The Frisky
"My mom LOVES Denzel! Like has his pictures up on her tack board at work, sees all his movies, and calls him her husband (even though my parents have been married 35 years)." - Amber Venerable, Health.com

"Definitely Denzel." - Gordon Hurd, Asylum
"This is really weird but I am secure enough to share it -- my mom has a crush on Sir Ian McKellen."
- Jared Willig, Street Level
"OK, my mom says Dylan McDermott. Why? 'His eyes and he's so brooding and serious. But when he smiles he's a cutie!'"
- Shallon Lester, Glamour
"My mom has it baaaaaaaad for Neil Diamond."
- Simcha Whitehill, The Frisky
"I no longer love Harrison Ford (because he left his wife for that skinny bitch Clarissa Lock........can't remember her last name)."
- mother of Erin Scottberg, Lemondrop
"My mom had a crush on [7th Vice President of the United States] John C. Calhoun. To be fair, he does have kind of a Bruce Campbell look about him."
- Brian Childs, Asylum
"Old Sean Connery. Not 'old' as in James Bond, but 'old' as in, the way he is now."
-Kelly Reeves, Urlesque
"A few years ago we were playing the board game Apples to Apples and my mom had to choose which man was the best match for the word 'sexy.' She chose Ghandi."
- Sarah Harrison, YourTango

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Tell us! Who does your mom swoon over?