OK, we know some of you are over the elaborate proposal stories, but at least the latest one to hit the Internet involves alcohol and the classy electronic bar game that brought us "Erotic Photo Hunt."

Patrick Leonard decided that he was going to propose to his girlfriend via the Megatouch bar game he and his now-fiancée Sarah love to play so much. The company that makes the games agreed to help him out, but had to write new programming for a system and then drive it all the way from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C., for the big night, which took place at a bar the couple frequents regularly.

After typing a code word into the "Word Dojo" game they always play, a picture of Sarah and the big question popped up onscreen and, of course, she was crying and, of course, somebody with very shaky hands got the whole thing on video.

Which just goes to show you, if your proposal has viral potential, you should really go ahead and spring for the professional cameraman. You might end up on the "Today" show!"

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