We love sex. We love food. Sometimes, we can't decide which to have, so we definitely appreciate the news of Sex Pistol ice cream, a flavor coming this fall from the U.K.'s Icecreamists that reportedly has the same charge as a dose of Viagra. It's not the first -- in Mérida, Venezuela, the Heladería Coromoto sells a blue-tinted "Viagra" ice cream made with "natural" aphrodisiacs.

But it turns out you don't have to buy a specialty flavor -- standbys vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and pistachios all have supposed aphrodisiac powers. Other alleged sex-drive-boosting flavors include pomegranate, honey, alcohol, avocado, cinnamon buns, licorice, lavender, chili and pumpkin pie, all of which are available as ice cream.

The ultimate dessert for that champagne and lobster dinner? Champagne sorbet with, um, lobster ice cream (really).