Karen reconnected with an old friend she hadn't seen since childhood via Facebook. There were instant sparks: "I live in Chicago and went out to New York to see him. We had an amazing weekend together, and realized that we wanted to see where this could take us. For months we talked on the phone, texted and emailed, and he told me how much he cared for me."

After months of planning, he finally moved to Chicago. "He came on a Friday, and by Sunday something seemed wrong. He kept texting someone. So on Monday I confronted him and he explained that he was missing his friends, and that he felt out of his element. I told him to try it out, but that I was not going to beg him to stay. We spent the day together and again he was on that dumb phone that I BOUGHT for him, texting away."

After only three days in Chicago, Karen's boyfriend decided to return to New York. "He disappeared but left a note that said, ''Please don't hate me, understand my feelings.' I checked out the phone -- he had been texting some girl telling her how much he loved and missed her, asking her if they could be together. He told her he didn't love me, that he loved only her."

"He was next to me the whole time he was texting her," says Karen incredulously. "Months of planning and money spent -- all for what? For him to have been cheating on me or for him to just move back for another girl? It doesn't make any sense. Why drive 758 miles, unpack your stuff, only to pack it up again and leave?" Trust us, we don't get it either.

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