This week, we read a story about a girl who decided to sell her used undies to help pay off her $18,000 in debt. Our first reaction may have been "ew," but our second reaction was more along the lines of "hmmmm," so we decided to dig further into the illicit industry.

For starters, creepy Craigslist is the place to go; eBay's got nothin'. (Anyone surprised?) Most undies sell for $20-$30 a pair, though some women increase their price for every extra day they wear them. (Yuck.)

Some girls include photos of themselves in the ads, wearing the panties they're selling. (Apparently, this helps for legitimacy.) Others include their body stats. Some women make it very clear while the transaction won't go beyond Paypal, while others offer additional services, like phone sex. We even one found one gem of a boyfriend who was selling his ex's unmentionables. Nice guy.

None of the alleged struggling students who posted ads on Craigslist answered our emails, leaving us to speculate on just how lucrative panty sales actually are, but what we do know is that some men are definitely into it, which means, inevitably, there's a market.

So tell us, ladies, would you ever sell your used undies for a little extra cash? Or is this as creepy as some of the people on Craigslist?