We'd NEVER encourage you to strip for your dad. But your guy? Why not? A seductive striptease can give any relationship a jump start. And to help you unleash your inner G-string diva, we've turned to Miss Indigo Blue, headmistress of Seattle's Academy of Burlesque. P.S.: You can leave your hat on.

Practice Makes Perfect
Need some stripping inspiration? See if any area gyms offer striptease-based workout classes, or rent a movie like "True Lies" or "9 1/2 Weeks" for pointers. Practicing in front of a mirror will help you get a routine going so you're ready for showtime.

Get in the Right Mindset
While your idea of pre-performance prep may be downing red wine for courage, Blue says a better technique is to adopt a lighthearted attitude. "Fun is sexy, and sex is funny," she says, so don't be afraid to laugh at yourself. Exude confidence by making eye contact with your man and smiling -- that hot gesture will more than make up for any klutzy stumbles.

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Make Your Move
Telling your guy what he's in for can make it feel more staged and awkward. Instead, surprise him at the door in your sexiest lingerie, or come back from a night out and tell him to wait for you in the bedroom. Cue the music, dim the lights, and voila! He'll be floored.

The Playlist
First on your agenda: good music. Blue likes "sultry and rhythmic" tunes like "Tease! The Beat of Burlesque" or mid-century blues and jazz, but put on whatever gets you in the mood. If that means the Pussycat Dolls, well, so be it.

Your Striptease Tool Kit
A striptease is more than getting naked, it's about setting a seductive scene fueled by anticipation and lust. And for that, you'll need props.

Lingerie is another hugely important element. Dig out your nicest matching bra-and-panty set, or use the occasion as an excuse to splurge on a sexy merrywidow or garter belt worthy of Dita Von Teese. Decide what you want to be wearing when your performance is over -- a corset and panties, or pasties and a smile?

Blue also recommends a feather boa for teasing and tickling your man, plus gloves for glamour.

Work It, Girl
Doing 360s around a stripper pole with your thighs isn't a requirement. Blue suggests that uncoordinated gals start off with an over-the-shoulder-wink, followed by the seated chest shimmy: sit in a chair in front of him, open your legs, put your hands on his knees, and then shimmy your shoulders back and forth until your chest "wiggles."

Or, stand perpendicular to him and slowly touch the entire side of your body from shoulder to toe (bending over when necessary), staring into his eyes all the way.

Remember, it's called the strip-"tease," not the strip-"tear off." Take your time and make a show out of removing each item of clothing -- it'll drive him wild.

Says Blue, "The principles of the tease include giving a little, taking it back, and giving a little more ... so it's okay to make your sweetie yearn and drool a little!"

Once you're ready for your "big reveal," move closer to him and really play with that final garment. If it's your bra, straddle him and throw it behind his neck like a boa. When the song ends, you two will be ready for hanky-panky, so you aren't standing there awkwardly announcing, "Uh, I'm done."

The Worst-Case Scenario
Plenty of girls stop themselves because they're scared he'll laugh, but don't freak yourself out. Lighthearted laughter is normal, because it means he's enjoying the show. He could also be laughing as a sign of shyness. Help him get more comfortable by asking him sweetly to unbutton your corset or remove your glove.

"Doing a striptease for someone else is about showing him how much you love yourself, and how sexy you know you are. Remember that his reaction does not change how wonderful you are, all by yourself!" says Miss Indigo Blue.

Tell Us: Have you ever performed a striptease? What songs did you use to get down and dirty?