Are you a total square? Now you can dress like one, too, thanks to the Square Project, a new sustainable-clothing line based entirely on squares.

It sounds like a "Project Runway" challenge, but getting it made is also the real-life challenge facing designer Tara St. James. And just like those reality show contestants who leave their families and jobs to chase their dreams, Tara is doing whatever she can to make it to Fashion Week.

The concept: The fabric cubes are folded, sewn, and manipulated into nine different designs, which you can see on Tara's site. She's been blogging about the Square Project because "I want people to see my process and eliminate the mystery surrounding fashion."

The project's bio describes it as "a study in shapes relating to the human form. Each style is made up of a different number of equally sized squares ... The wearer completes the garment by filling it with the very fluid human form." The wide variety of creations makes for square-based pieces that look good on any shape.

The challenge: St. James is hoping to show her collection at New York Fashion Week's Green Show, which showcases emerging eco-friendly designers, but first she needs to raise some cold hard cash. To help St. James meet her Fashion Week goals, you can head over to her page on Kickstarter, which is like a DIY grant site for creative types.

The prize: As of now, Tara's raised just over $1,500, but she won't get any money unless she reaches her $5K goal.

For more on the Square Project, check out Tara's video after the jump.

The Square Project from Jesse Benjamin on Vimeo.