As anyone who went to art school could tell you, faking a suicide attempt to get out of doing your final project is as tired a trick as the old tampon in a teacup.

Police in Sweden rushed to the aid of Anna Odell (left), a student at Stockholm's Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, when she seemed poised to jump off of the Liljeholmen Bridge.

After she was released from a day of psychiatric lockdown, Anna then "announced" that it had all been a part of her questionable final year art project, a performance piece meant to highlight the flaws in Sweden's psychiatric-care system.

She is now being charged with false alarm, violent resistance and "fraudulent practice," which means she caused financial damage without profit. She is also facing a claim against her from North Stockholm Psychiatry for $1,700 and possible imprisonment. If only there were legal repercussions against everybody who makes crappy conceptual art.

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Anna's school admits that the project was probably an "error" in judgment. Konstfack head Ivar Björkman told the paper," That students today are interested in an ethical gray zone can be a good thing for the development of society." Interesting, we guess, but tell that to whatever victims of crime got ignored by the cops because they were too busy helping some art student explore her ethical gray zone.

The video below is from Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter's interview with Anna. There was no English tranlsation available, but the video of the police intervening with her "suicide attempt" on the bridge is pretty intense.

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