A bad relationship hurts the people in it, but can also do major damage to outside relationships -- like close friends and family. Take Jessica, whose sister Holly dated her horrible boyfriend Steve for eight years.

"After living together for two years, my sister found out that Steve had a serious relationship with a woman in England," Jessica says. "It had been going on for a year, so what does she do? She drives him to the airport so he can be with her for a week to 'gently break things off.'"

"It gets worse. After that, the woman constantly drunk dials from London every weekend crying about how much she loves him and wants him back. My sister is still living with him and trying to work things out when another woman begins calling the house and tells her that she has been sleeping with him, is pregnant and needs money for an abortion."

But does Holly leave him? Nope. "In fact, she spends their anniversary with him and another couple. Except he spends the entire night hitting on the other woman in front of my sister. He and the other woman leave to go to a nightclub together and my sister goes home. You would think this would break them up, but no. The very next year they got married in a huge flamboyant wedding that nearly bankrupted my parents. Now I don't have anything to do with either of them."

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