Think popping the question at Medieval Times is bad? Brace yourself. A man in Baltimore used actual cops to stage a fake police raid as part of what has to be the worst wedding proposal we've ever heard of.

Jon S. Cardin, left, a State Delegate from Baltimore called the city police commissioner and commissioned up some cops to stage a raid on the boat he was cruising on with his girlfriend. After police marine and helicopter units circled the craft, some of them boarded, pretended to ransack it, and then hauled out a box with a ring in it.

Cardin and the city of Baltimore -- a town so plagued by crime and police corruption that they made a hit HBO show about how plagued by crime and police corruption it is -- are in a hot water for using on-duty cops, helicopters and boats to stage the proposal. Thankfully (?), he's offered to repay every last taxpayer dollar spent on scaring the Christ out of his girlfriend via S.W.A.T. team.