If your husband gave you a calculator for your birthday, you might seethe about it. Tiffanie Wong dealt by writing a hilarious blog post on her site, "My Husband Is Annoying."

Speaking for married women everywhere, Wong's tally of how often husband Mark Joyella wears a hideous green sweater or peppers conversations with bathroom humor is an endearing look at coupledom.

Married in March, much of their relationship prior to their wedding was spent long distance, making wedded bliss an adventure for Wong in learning to appreciate fart jokes while mastering highly technical electronic devices such as the remote control.

We caught up with the Brooklyn Heights resider to ask how a couple of newlywed media types (Wong's a producer at CNN, Joyella's an Emmy Award-winning reporter who teaches classes for MediaBistro) manage to annoy the pants off of each other.

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