Teetering precariously on the thin precipice between sweet and sappy, today comes a story about a British man who has put a rose at his wife's bedside every day for 60 years.

Tom and Joan Shovelton claim the floral gesture is one of the secrets to their happy marriage, along with kissing each other good morning and good night every single day.

The couple met a a New Year's Eve party when he was a young farmer and she was a member of the Women's Land Army. The lovers wed in 1949 and raised five children, and are celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary today.

The "real-life Romeo" (without the whole suicide part) says of his wife, "I love her to bits -- I have done since the day we met."

Joan adds, "We've had a happy 60 years together. I wouldn't have changed a thing."

What's your verdict on this happily-ever-after story? Sickly saccharine, or does it renew your faith that Prince Charmings don't just exist at Disneyworld?

We're happy for the Shoveltons but we (and Dorothy Parker) do have a note to all future suitors. If you're dating us, replace the rose by the bedside with a big, fat, sprinkled donut. Now that'll make us a happy woman.

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