Things in your relationship are winding down or just not working out. Do you subconsciously start looking around for a new dude? Or, to put it another way, are you one of those girls who's had a boyfriend since she was 14?

According to MSNBC's Dr. Gail Saltz, it's maybe not such a good idea -- by finding a replacement before you've even broken up, you've abandoned the notion of trying to fix the problems in your relationship, while also denying yourself the time once you've split to figure out why things went wrong or consider what to look for in your next relationship.

Still, it seems like most women in relationships add interesting men to their mental Rolodexes under "Maybe someday ... " Doesn't everyone keep those unexplored sparks burning in the back of their minds as a relationship plan B?

If you and your partner broke up tomorrow, do you already know whom you'd date next?