Cupcakes -- can they ever be big enough? Apparently not, as the world record for largest cupcake was broken on Saturday in Royal Oak, Mich., with a dessert that clocked in at 1,224 lbs. and 2 million calories.

A New Hampshire-based gift-basket company made the cupcake, which took 12 hours to bake. The jumbo dessert was presented in Michigan and fed to the attendees of a classic car show. (Because if there's one thing classic car enthusiasts love, it's ... frosting?) Slices of the cupcake were sold to raise money for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure breast cancer foundation.

The super-confection was made with 800 eggs, and 200 lbs. of flour and sugar each, so just looking at it is probably enough to make your pants not fit anymore, but we wish all good causes came with that much buttercream.