Beauty companies spend millions each year coming up with the latest and greatest in at-home skin care and makeup implements. But sometimes their high-tech devices come off more like implements of terror than beauty aids. In Lemondrop's opinion, beauty tools shouldn't vibrate, contain lasers or otherwise torture the human face. Obviously, some folks disagree. Click on the gallery below to see some of the weirdest get-pretty equipment around.,feedConfig,entry&id=337082&pid=337081&uts=1249316793
Beauty Tool or Torture Device?
The strangest, scariest beauty equipment ever.

Scary Beauty Tools

    Tända Regenerate Anti-Aging Starter Kit
    Press this sci-fi contraption on a wrinkle or zit, wait for it to light up, and hit "zap." The Tända uses LED therapy to boost collagen production, fight signs of aging and help you feel like a really cool astronaut. ($275, Sephora)

    Beauty is Easy

    Lancôme Ôscillation Powermascara
    This so isn't just another tube of mascara. Vibrating at 7,000 oscillations a minute, the wand -- available in November -- can double as a food mixer, neck massager and female pleasure inducer. ($34, Lancôme)


    Serious Skin Care Air Coverage Air Brush Makeup System
    Looks like a cross between weed killer and an IV, but this complicated system of tubes and spray wands -- you use it to blast makeup onto your face -- will actually make you more beautiful. Supposedly. ($79.95, HSN)


    Leaf & Rusher Derma Roller Kit
    This device is inspired by ancient Balinese healing massages, but looks more like a torture tool to us. Brave ladies: Coat your face in the serum, then roll the wand over it. Ten times. Let us know how that goes. ($122,


    Vector Electrolysis Hair Removal System
    Call us unadventurous, but we're not up for grabbing each hair, then shooting electricity into it. (Other at-home kits let you put a needle directly into each follicle. Yourself!) We pay experts for a reason. ($199.95, Folica)


    Zeno Pro Acne Clearing Device
    Finally, an acne solution that matches your Barbie Dream House! Hold this battery-powered gadget up to a zit for two and a half minutes, and the heat-emitting metal pad will blast away that poor pimple. ($159, Sephora)


    Baby Quasar
    It may look like a "Night Court" prop, but this gavel actually emits light wavelengths to smooth wrinkles, shrink pores, fight acne, even discolorations and stop hair growth. Still, our inner Carol Anne is freaking out. ($449, Bliss)


    Nostalgic for the headgear days? This straight-from-"Star-Trek" Botox alternative is your dream wrinkle-warrior. Tragically it's only available in Britain, so let's have a moment of collective prayer that it soon reaches North America. (Safetox)


    Blinc Heated Lash Curler
    When/if we're abducted by aliens, we think their torture tools will resemble this heated curler. (Or they'll be friendly and we'll all enjoy a cup of tea, but that's another debate.) Like normal eyelash curlers aren't scary enough. ($25, Blinc)


    WAO-1 Robot
    It isn't available at your drugstore, but this scary piece of steel is too good to leave off the list. The robot, from a Tokyo lab, rolls ceramic spheres over the face for a "therapeutic massage." Look for it soon in a hospital near you!

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