Sometimes it seems like they're are so many stories about injustice against women in the Middle East that it would be impossible to pay attention to them all and still get out of bed every morning, but we couldn't ignore the latest shocking story out of Afghanistan.

A new bill was recently signed into law by President Hamid Karzai that actually allows husbands to starve their wives for refusing to have sex.

Under the new bill, women need permission from their husband to work, and fathers or grandfathers get exclusive custody of the children. Even more repulsive is the fact that the original bill signed into law earlier this year was even stricter, requiring Shia women to have sex with their husbands at least every four days and removing the need for consent to sex within marriage.

Not surprisingly, that law was met with outrage by Western leaders and Afghan women's groups, so an amended version was quietly passed just before this week's Afghan presidential election.

We, at least, are still outraged.