beer guy hipster bellyYour dude's not-so-teeny round belly may signal that he's actually at the cusp of a new trend: hipster belly. (The Cut)

A little inspiration to kick your upcoming fall wardrobe into high gear, here's a lookbook with direction on how to wear everything from little black dresses to Uggs. (Fashiontribes)

What to do if you're concerned about the flavor of your, umm, personal area. (Em and Lo)

Kat Von D launches a new perfume. Question is -- was the idea stolen from Lipstick Queen's Saint and Sinner lipsticks? (Beauty of Life Blog)
coffeeEating disorders, low self-esteem and Starbucks just go together, right? A part-time waitress watched as her sugar-free, non-fat coffee is loaded with chocolate and sugar. (Confessions of a Part Time Waitress)
beerBeer drinking may not be the most glamorous pursuit, but the hoppy beverage can make your hair, face and bath time more glam. (BellaSugar)
burqaWhen a British woman experiments with wearing a traditional Muslim burqa for a week, she kinda-sorta finds out some important things about women. (The Frisky)
All Photos: The Cut, Confessions of a Part Time Waitress, BellaSugar, The Frisky