Given that most people spend 2,000 hours a year at work, it's likely that at some point, a co-worker will make you want to dip your pen in the company ink. Forty percent of people have done it.

Sure there are risks: Meeting-table awkwardness, colleague gossip and a sullied reputation. But on the upside, you might get to do it on your boss's desk. Avoid these conversation clichés to stay on the fast track to some serious job satisfaction.

10. "I hate my job."
We get it -- you're trying to forge a common interest. But with this you might inadvertently insult him, seem like a whiner or never bond over any other topics besides your shared work enemies. Save your gripe for the suggestion box.

9. "Can you put in a good word with the boss for me?"
If you helped out with something, sure. But if this is your idea of a "favor," you're blurring the line between personal and professional. Best to keep your career development on your own turf.

8. "I don't date guys I work with."

This might be your version of playing hard to get -- making us want you because we can't have you. Proceed with caution, though, because he might see pursuing you as a waste of time.

7. "Wanna grab a drink after work?"
Obviously, this is fine if you've already harvested an amicable relationship. But, if you're looking to break the ice, why not suggest a group outing with co-workers and see if he wants to join?

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6. "I can't stand (insert co-worker's name.)"
The work world is high school with cubicles when it comes to gossip. Don't risk insulting someone else -- possibly someone he knows and likes -- to build yourself up. It'll come back to bite you on prom night.

5. "I just broke up with (insert co-worker/former ex's name here)."
So, we get to choose between worrying about him beating us up, and you dumping us for the mailboy later?

4. "You're way overqualified for this job!"
Stroking the ego is always a good strategy, but don't hide the compliment within a possibly misinterpreted comment about our stalled career.

3. "So, how much you pullin' down?"
We know you know better than to ask this question to, well, anyone. But, if you think it's got promise as a sarcastically delivered way of saying hi, remember -- even if you're just kidding, you might make him uncomfortable.

2. "C'mon, we could just hook up -- it doesn't have to be a big thing."
Persistence is admirable, but not at work. At work, it's called "sexual harassment."

1. "I'm an open book!"
Honesty is refreshing. But, if you're an "open book" around us, we worry you'll share some of your pages (including the ones about us) with the rest of the office as well. That's a recipe for elevator-ride weirdness for years.

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