Imagine that, for some reason, you let your boyfriend take naked pictures of you. And then you broke up. And your now-ex-boyfriend posted those private pictures on the Internet. What would your initial reaction be? Burning shame? Murderous rage?

One Chicago woman decided to take legal action.

Jessica Voth was understandably mortified when she received a call from a friend saying he'd seen her naked on a Web site that actively encourages men to post nudie photos of their exes. But now she's filing a lawsuit against her ex seeking compensatory and punitive damages against him for emotional distress and an invasion of her privacy.

She's suing for an "unspecified" amount," but it would take an awful lot of money to soothe us if our naughty bits had been broadcast to the whole Internet.

It's too bad her ex, Miles Marsh, didn't keep his promise to keep those pictures private. Now in addition to having to own up financially, we're betting he's not going to have the easiest time finding a new girlfriend, either.

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