Bald dudes. For some, it's a fetish. For us, it's just a good look for some already smokin' guys. We racked our brains (and scoured the Web) for the hottest of the hot of the hairless men in Hollywood. And though there are plenty that have gone bald for the sake of film, most of the guys included here sport their chrome domes 365 days a year.

For the ladies who don't need a little something to run their fingers through, we present a gallery of our findings.

Bald Guys Wed Do

    Andre Agassi: In the game of life, it's LOVE-LOVE for Andre.

    Bruce Willis: Salt and pepper never looked so good.

    Cuba Gooding Jr.: We'll show you the money...and anything else you'd like.

    Arnold Vosloo: Who cares about ancient ruins and mummies when you've got this guy?

    Sir Ben Kingsley: He may be a little older, but that only makes him sexier in our book. Plus, he's is knighted (read: HOT).

    Jason Statham: We loved you in "The Transporter" flicks. And, you know, in our dreams.

    Taye Diggs: Our season of love for you never ends.

    Kelly Slater: Sufer dudes: get us everytime.

    Luke Wilson: Luke's character shaved his head in "Royal Tenenbaums," causing us to think, Owen who?

    Matthew McConaughey: Oh, Matthew. We're not ashamed to admit that we'll pretty much take you any way we can get you.