Seoul, South Korea, has begun a campaign to make the city more "women friendly." How can you tell? Across the city parking spaces are being painted pink, demarcating them for use by women in high heels because they are closer to malls and places of business so that women won't have to walk as far

The project, in which 4,929 public and private parking places have already been pink-ified throughout the city, is park of the city's Women Friendly Seoul Project. In addition to making the city more stiletto-friendly, it also proposes more public restrooms for women, improved lighting in public places and more public day-care centers.

This sounds like one of those things that is simultaneously totally awesome and secretly a little offensive, at least in terms of those carnation-pink parking spaces.

On the one hand, high heels can do all kinds of damage to a girl's legs, so we sympathize with South Korean fashionistas. But when are people going to get over the idea that painting something pink makes it automatically girl-friendly? Not all women looooove pink (or wear heels for that matter)!

And doesn't granting special favors for one gender do more to point out differences in treatment than empower women? Especially in a country where gender disparity is already an issue?

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